December 21, 1988

"The largest mass murder in Britain's History"

In the spring of 2016 my wife (PAA 12/24/1964-1/15/1986) and I attended a Pan American Reunion at Limerick, IR. We went a few days early and rented a car at Belfast and drove to Scotland via a ferry. I wanted to stay at the Turnberry Hotel where I had layovers on trips to Prestwick. The hotel was closed for remodeling, but we found a hotel in Ayr. The next morning, we drove to Lockerbie to visit what we could see of sites relating to Pan American flight 103 that, after being blown up, fell there. All aboard, 259, were killed as well as 11 in the town of Lockerbie.

Upon arriving at Lockerbie (we had no idea what we were looking for) we stopped at a food market and asked a lady for directions. She began to cry and told us to go out the highway to the east and there was a plaque on a rock wall. So we did that and didn't find it. On the way back to town, Ginger had me stop at a house and she went up and knocked on the door. A gentleman, Mr. Robert Rafferty, answered the door and upon learning who we were and what we were trying to do, said, "go get in my car and I'll drive you around." Well, to say the least, we got the "cook's tour."

So that former Pan American employees and others interested in seeing where he took us, I have created this site, with a map, photos I took and some images I obtained from the Internet. I'm sure you will be surprised at what's at Lockerbie to see. This was a major event in Lockerbie's past, and they have done an excellent job ensuring that it will never be forgotten.

Claude Hudspeth,

PAA 1/31/1966-12/04/1991


Directions: Take highway B7068 east about 3 miles to a church on the right. Park there.



The nose and the cockpit landed directly across from the church in the open field. The three flight deck crew members and one stewardess were found in the wreckage here.The stewardess had a pulse when found, but died shortly after being found.


A Remembrance Room is in the cemetery of the church.


The Lockerbie Disaster Remembrance Room on the church grounds.


There is a guest sign in book. The names and bio of all those

who died are also listed in a book there.

An example of what is found in the book of

those killed in the disaster.


The grave of one of the passengers is located behind the church.




Directions: On returning from the Tundergarth Church on entering Bridge Street , turn right at crossroads on to Sydney Place which leads to Alexander Drive. Go 54 Km or 1/3 of a mile. Site is across from a park. Use the photo below to help you find the spot.


Number three engine, which was knocked off its wing mounting by the nose cone, landed here on Alexander Drive




Site of where number three engine landed. Note repaired pavement.


Directions: From the engine site, go back to Bridge Street and go straight over onto Park Placewhich leads to Rosebank Cres. Go to the end and you will recognize the new house on the right.


A section of the fuselage and a baggage compartment fell into the house below.


Most of the students from Syracuse University were found here.The house was totally destroyed and the lady living there got out of the rubble with her dog unhurt.


This house replaced the one destroyed above.


Directions: Return to Bridge Street, turn left and cross the railway to the center of Lockerbie,Turn left on on High Street and pass through traffic lights and just pass the petrol stationat at the first right, turn and this will take you to Sherwood Crescent.


Sherwood Crater


The wings structure and the three remaining engines struck the ground with a high yaw angle causing a huge fire and killing 11 people.


These houses replaced some of those that were destroyed.

The Sherwood Crater was at the far end of the street.


Main impact point. The houses that were here were never replaced.


Robert Rafferty and Ginger at the memorial for those killed here.



Directions: Now, return to Bridge Street and turn left (A709) and take it west, crossing freeway, to the Dryfesdale Cemetery. About 100Km or 6/10 of a mile.. About 100Km or 6/10 of a mile.




Monument with list of all who died aboard Pan Am 103 and those killed on the ground.









This plaque was provided by World Wings International, a philanthropic organization of formerPan American Airways Flight Attendants.

First Officer Ray Wagner is burried here in the Garden


1ST Corinthians 15:55


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